An intriguing story for readers with a New way to
experience an E-book.

​Two Hours To Live is an interactive story where there are no gray areas.

No if, buts or maybes. If you don't get help you will die.
The object of this story is to keep Jay O’Connor alive by guessing what you think the story will go next.

If you answer the questions correctly, you keep Jay on track with the time in the story. If you guess incorrectly, you will cause time to be subtracted from his life.

There is also a musical score added that matches the scenes in the story as you read.

Download now and get ready to be moved by suspense, action and plot twists.

Balance the ball

While you're Waiting by KG2 Entertainment

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Prove your Worthiness by KG2 Entertainment

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Two Hours to live

While you're waiting by KG2 Entertainment
Balance the Ball by KG2 Entertainment
Prove your Worthiness by KG2 Entertainment
Two Hours To Live By KG2 Entertainment
Perfect Streak by KG2 Entertainment
 Complete this balancing challenge by tilting your phone.

Keep the ball from falling off the beam for four minutes while dodging various obstacles. But beware, you may find that hard due to the rockin' soundtrack.

Two Hours To Live by KG2 Entertainment
not your typical soccer game.

Perfect Streak is a top down game that will challenge you to keep the computer from scoring goals.

perfect streak

prove your worthiness

Perfect Streak by KG2 Entertainment
Two Hours To Live by KG2 Entertainment

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while you're waiting

Play While you're Waiting when you wait. Yeah, there's
an app for that.

Kill time by playing this game while you wait for your turn to play the xbox, while you wait at the doctor's office, while you wait at the bus stop, while you wait in line at starbucks, while you wait to see the dentist, while you wait for your plane to depart, while you wait at the train station, while you wait for the police to write you that ticket for speeding, et cetera, et cetera, and so on and so on.

Test your reflexes in this challenge of patterns, memorization and speed. HIYA!

What did the drowning kung fu artist say to me when I say him? Watah!
Crow Black Bird has just received his Black Belt and now he has an inflated ego.
Now some will even wonder how he receive the belt in the first place. But, that is a story for another time.
So download the game, accept the challenge and show Crow Black Bird that he has more training to do. HIYA!

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Balance the Ball by KG2 Entertainment